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About Online Auth

Our system is aimed at the customers trust and at managing technicians reports stopping poor descriptions and costing a garage money, whilst giving the customer more information enabling the customer to place more trust in your business.

Retail Customer Reports

When technicians create a report it would normally be writen out on a job sheet, this is then priced by office staff and the customer is contacted. In this process the customer will be wondering if that is what is actualy required to fix the vehicle as they are taking the person on the phone at voice value, with our system the technician will fill in his job card electronically this has the option to send the report to the customer directly, this means that the customer has been informed of the faults on the vehicle before reciving the estimate, then your office team will do a quote bassed on the report and this will match the technicians report.

Fleet Customer report

Fleet Customers can have there own customer area. On the technicians area they will have an option for a retail customer and 3 tabs for fleet customers, each fleet customer tab is allocated to a specific customer this gives the option of tailor making the checks required for that customer and even adding specialist reports depending on the customer needs. these reports will automoticly be sent to that customer.

Vehicle Damage Reports

When the vehicle is either handed over to the reception or your collectrion driver its good practice to do a damage report with the customer our report for doing this also enables images for visual verification of any damage, when the technician pulls the vehicle in he will also be asked to do a damage report on the vehicle making sure you are covered for any faulse aligation of the garage damaging the car.

garage management system on line auth how it works
Garage Management System work as a tem

Give you customers more access to there repair history, MoT tests, invoices, statements, service intervals and more you can give your customer an online portal with our Customer Area module this can win the customer in giving them all the information in one place regarding there vehicle maintenance and repir history, it will benefit the garage as this can tie the customer in and make them dependent on your garage. Upload your invoices and statements eliminating the excuss of customers not receving invoices to delay payments, it also up sells with our maintenance schedual instructing your customers when there vehicle should be booked in for routine maintenance.

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