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See our modules here please read the descriptions to see which modules will suit you business we can edit all of the below systems to suit your businnes and your cutomers. Our system when first purchased comes with 1 admin area, 4 technician areas, 3 customer areas, 1 Driver area we can supply tablet pc for your technicians or advise which models are suitable. to add extra modules please contact us.

Office Module
Garage Management Office Sysyem
This enables you to place all your technical information customer websites supplier websites and service update sites in one place whilst stooring all loggin details and passwords. this will also link any other moduals together in one area giving your administrator access to any other modules in use in your business. It also incorporates a vehicle hand over document for the customer vehicle and your courtesy vehicle

Customer Module
garage management system customer module
This module enables fleet customers to see service historys, MoT certificates, invoices, statements & a yearly maintenance schedule for there vehicles this stops the customer saying he has not recived the invoice up sells to the customer whilst tieing them in with technology. Each customer has there individual module and can be made to suit the information they wish to see such as fixed pricing vehicle service intervals technical info such as tyre pressures warning light meaning ect. again this is completely editable to suit there needs.
Driver Module
Garage Management System driver module
Carry out collection and delivery reports electronicly send a copy to the customer and cover your driver to make sure you know when he was driving the vehicle. this also gives the option to send any images of damage on the vehicle before you take ownership and makes it mandatory to check the tread depths on the vehicle before driving again this modual can be built to suit your business.

Online site repair report enables you to make sure the driver gets the details need to invoice the customer and gives a time scale it took to repair the vehicle

Technician Module
garage management system technician module
Technician modules require a web enabled tablet or pc we would advise computers are located close to the area the technician works in, the arear gives the technician a set procedure to follow dependent on the checks you require, it will send a vehicle report to your office staff to price the job and to the customer giving your garage transparancy and gaining trust with the customer. It replace the manual job sheet and any check sheets keeping everything electroniv for easy searching, copy and paste technicians reports keep track of where the technician placed the locking wheel nut tool or service book. this isi editable to suit your business.

It will also do a damage report of the vehicle covering you from any damage issues whilst in you care and incorporates a quality control check
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